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Lawn Care

When you choose Pro Lawn Care, you're tapping into decades of expertise in the lawn care industry. We prioritize quality at every stage of the process when tending to your property. That's why we conduct thorough inspections after each step, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and the highest standards of care.


  • How long does my family (pets included) have to stay off the turf after a weed control application?
    Just until the product dries, usually 1-3 hours depending on weather.
  • What happens if it rains after weed control or mosquito application?
    We'll always do our best not to spray if there's a chance of rain that would interfere with an application. As soon as the spray has dried it shouldn't lose any effectiveness. Weed control applications dry in 1-3 hours, mosquito control 30 mins.
  • Will I need to rake up the cores after an aeration service?
    No, the cores will be a beneficial top dressing for the turf as they break down.
  • Do I have to water my lawn after a fertilizer treatment so it doesn't burn my lawn?
    No, our fertilizer is slow release so you won't have to water it and you also won't have to worry about it being flushed out after a heavy rainfall.
  • How long until my family can use outdoor living spaces after mosquito control application?
    Once the product has dried, 30 mins is generally all it takes and you can go back to enjoying the great outdoors bite free.
  • How do you invoice for your service packages?
    We invoice at the end of each month for any services you received during that month.
  • How do I know if there's anything I should/shouldn't be doing after a service is performed?
    If there's any special instructions for our clients after a service is completed they'll be listed on the service performed tag.
  • I had your edging service done but the turf is starting to grow over the edges again, do you offer a regular schedule for this service?
    Yes we sure do! You can either receive a one time service or you can sign up for our bi-weekly edging service keeping your curb lines clean and crisp all summer long.
  • How will I know if a service was performed on my property?
    After any service has been performed we leave a tag in your mailbox with a description of the service completed.
Pro Lawn Care Lawn Care and Landscaping Service in Elora, Fergus, Guelph Ontario
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